ODHIANA is a purely genuine company which offers the highest quality, hand-crafted herbal tisane blends. Tisane is simply another way to say, “tea without caffeine.” All products, services & even blogs are infused with the highest vibrations of reiki healing energy. Mindful for the well-being of humanity, ODHIANA only uses NON-GMO & organic herbs in bleach-free tea bags.

Our goal is to help guide you towards shifting mentality & perspectives for optimal healing on multiple levels. ODHIANA offers one-on-one consultation services, either in-person or virtually. Customized, made-to-order tisane blends are specifically created to fit current needs to attain a calm, centered balance. This service comes with recommended personalized affirmations, specific meditation focuses, breathing techniques and more.

Contact us any time...we look forward to working with you!

Love & Light

  • "We are all an aperture of light for which the universe observes"


  • "Different eyes in different lives, we are all one of the same."


  • "To understand the true self means to understand the Universe."



This tea is unbelievably tasty.. full of flavor, and so relaxing and calming. Additionally, you get the peace of mind knowing you are not ingesting chemicals!!! Thumbs up!!!

Elena R Dracea

Love the tea so much ;). Incredible product, incredible team behind the scenes with triple bottom line agenda. Huge thumbs up.

Anita Kuenzel

Recently tried your third eye and throat chakra teas and I was left speechless, such an amazing feeling to it. I’m looking forward to being a new loyal customer ❤️

Alicia Piedra


Very nice relaxing orangey cup of chamomile tea. made about 2 cups from the same tea bag. Had it while sitting at my desk waiting for my day to start and just imagined the orange color emanating from my inside out while I drank it. Def will love this one even at night too. may be having this in the morning with a reflection and or creativity journal would be a great way to start your day as well.

James Roberts



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