February 04, 2019

Affirmations are specific combinations of words that helps us set our intentions and achieve the type of mentality and emotional state we wish to reside in.

Every morning upon waking, you can set your intention for the day, how you would like your overall day to be. It can be as simple as, "This is an amazing day!" Try to really FEEL what an amazing day would be like, and embrace all of those feelings as you set your intention through affirming. This will confirm to the Universe this is what IS and then it will be manifested before you. There's no other way. It's amazingly powerful!

As the concept of affirmations becomes more popular, you'll see these all over the place. Some examples include, "I am at peace," "I am centered," or even "This is the best day of my life!" Affirmations help to balance our lives and show us our power within. We are intrinsically connected to the Universe and it's not as far away as it may seem. Setting affirmations can be done as often as possible but it's important to understand how affirmations truly work.

Affirmations, like anything else, follows the Law of Attraction. If you are unaware of what the Law of Attraction is, basically, whatever you put out into the Universe, via thoughts or words, you will attract back to you. This includes both positive and negative thoughts and speech. If you are constantly thinking that you're going to have a really crappy day at work because you don't want to be there in the first place, guess what? That's EXACTLY what's going to happen. You unintentionally set your intention for most of the day and anyone with problematic lifestyles will be attracted straight to you. That's how it works. 

However, if you take control of your thoughts and even remotely attempt to break negative, habitual thought patterns, then you can turn each day around toward more positive outcomes. It starts when YOU set your intention for more peaceful days through affirmations. Try it out. It doesn't cost anything, so why not? I'll tell you why you may not try it though..because it's silly, isn't it?

It's silly because your rational mind thinks it's silly and it talked you out of it because you might look weird and then you wouldn't fit in to normal society or you may think you're not worthy of having what you desire. We've become slaves to our own minds that can only rationalize, analyze every little thing to keep us within the "less than" mentality. If it doesn't make sense to the rational mind, it's ridiculous and why even give it a try? 

The mindful act of focusing on affirmations resides within a higher thought form of vibration than that of the rational mind. Your rational mind will remind you of how dumb this all is because it literally CANNOT understand how incredibly powerful and expansive it all is, because it only knows what it knows. 

Once you put aside the limiting thoughts of the rational mind and let yourself act "silly," that's where all the magic lies! And by magic, I mean higher vibrational Laws of the Universe that are slowly becoming more and more accepted and understood by society.

(Remember, this will take practice!! We've been limited by our own minds for hundreds and thousands of years, so don't beat yourself up if you keep finding yourself within the limits of the rational mind. Everything you do is PERFECT. There is nothing wrong with you or your is one big learning experience for our soul. Just forgive yourself and others as we all move along this path of enlightened ascension. Live within the present moment because that's all that truly exists anyways).

Now, because the Law of Attraction follows so strictly to our affirmations, it's incredibly important that we do this correctly!! Remember before how I said we usually put out negative affirmations daily, without even realizing it? When we become more mindful of our affirmations, we have to make sure they stay positive; stay at a higher vibration of feeling. 

One of my favorite quotes used to be, "I will not let my expectations hinder my path." Sounds very enlightening, doesn't it?'s not. Do you know why? Because of HOW it's worded! 

The Universe doesn't hear the word no. It's doesn't understand what "no, not, doesn't..." means. It ONLY understands our feelings of what we're focusing on! I used to mentally repeat that quote each time I realized I was expecting something from someone and it didn't happen to calm my nerves from rising anger. However, my frustration wouldn't go away and I couldn't understand why because I was telling myself something so "wise."

Without realizing it, I was attracting more and more situations where I would expect something and when it didn't happen (quite often) it would lead to bursts of anger and fighting. Once I realized what I was actually doing, (telling the Universe what I DIDN'T want), I laughed. It was like a complete, "duh" moment and from then on, I decided to reword my favorite quotes to become the most positive versions of them as possible. 

I changed my favorite quote (affirmation) to, "I understand that everyone has their own unique way of expressing feelings and I am at peace on my path." Everything within this sentence has a positive, enlightened spin on it and that's exactly what I've been attracting ever since; understanding, patience, and peace

Another very important point is to always declare your affirmations as if they're already here, as if it's already a thing! "I AM financially free." The "I am" part is telling the Universe that it is happening NOW. If you "pretend" for a little while as you try this and really FEEL it to be true, the Universe can respond in no other way. The Law of Attraction MUST match the vibrations you're creating and all that your vibrating at will manifest into your life. 

How interesting is that? If you think about it, what you Think manifests into Physical Reality!! We can promise you that this isn't just fluff talk. Each one of these concepts we discuss within our blogs are scientifically backed up by highly respected, world-renowned scientists. If interested in our research, please send us a message and we will gladly pass it along.

This discussion flows effortlessly into our blog titled, "Gravitational Thoughts within a Fluid Reality." It's all absolutely amazing stuff!! Both our thoughts and words have so much more power and sacredness to them than we've ever realized (or were told). The more we understand how to match the frequency of our desires through this sacredness we hold every day, the quicker we're able to manifest greatness into our lives!

Enjoy! :)



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