Gravitational Thoughts in a Fluid Reality

February 04, 2019

Have you ever realized how similar flocks of birds flying through the air resemble schools of fish swimming in the water? 

The science of Aerodynamics that birds use to fly and the science of Hydrodynamics that fish use to swim, fall under the same category of Fluid Dynamics. 

IF, flocks of birds fall into this category of Fluid Dynamics and Humans reside on land, amongst the air that birds are flying in, well...if A+B=C, then that means, Humans are within this Fluid Reality as well.

Yes, we are living within a fluid-like reality.

"You think that's air you're breathing?" Not to be too nerdy but the Matrix may be on to something...

If we're living in a fluid-like reality then what about our actions, words and thoughts? Wouldn't what we DO, SAY, & THINK reverberate within this type of reality, like a pebble thrown into water? Vibrations being sent out from our Selves into this type of medium would then effect WAY more than we realize. 

Since brain waves are electronic signals that can be (and have been) measured, what if those brain waves are actually being sent out into this fluid-like medium? What if, our thoughts/actions/words ARE the pebbles being thrown into the water?

This then plays into our previously discussed topic of True Synchronicities. When you THINK of something, a short while later it appears in front of you, manifested into this reality, answering your thoughts and questions. How did the Universe KNOW what you were thinking to help give you answers? Because you literally, "put it out there."

You might then ask, "HOW would your thoughts make their way back to you when you put it out there?"

Which brings us to our next point, that what if our thoughts ARE Gravity?!? Gravity is actually within our own biological Human cells, all the way down to the vibrating molecular level of quantum mechanics. It's Gravity that's able to bring back around our own answers to our very own questions. WE are creating those synchronicities that are appearing within our daily lives. This means, we are manifesting our thoughts. Here is a simplified version of everything we just discussed: 

Gravitational Thoughts + Fluid-like Reality = Synchronistic Manifestations

Yes, this seems incredibly ridiculous, all of it! BUT what if we're right? If your sceptical (and we don't blame you), try it out for yourselves and see what happens. Having an open mind greatly helps in experiments with thoughts and consciousness..the willingness to SEE how the Universe is designed somewhat requires an open mind. 

FYI: It's not just us saying this is true..several scientists over the decades have been discovering and proving this to be FACTUAL!! However, it's incredibly difficult for them to get all of this accepted by the scientific community because it's implications seem too "mystical" for all the tenured minds of the older paradigm.

It's all good though, because we KNOW it's all good (lol)

With this knowledge comes automatic self reflection and what we're focusing on day to day. Mindfulness of our thoughts, actions and words becomes crucial because now we understand how it all works. If you find yourself always sinking back into thoughts of old, it's just muscle memory of the brain that reverts back to the comfortable "same old thoughts."

It's just breaking a habit, nothing more. Repetition towards a positive mindset to create more optimistic thought habits is completely doable. Just stick with it, like anything else and you'll begin to undoubtedly notice the positive changes and synchronicities within your life appear before your eyes. Always show humble Gratitude along the way, as well. The more you give thanks for this knowledge and the ability to implement it, the easier and more effortless it will all become. 

Also, these concepts are rather new to the mainstream, so please have some compassion for those who are not ready to hear it. It's not up to us to force this knowledge upon others; we're simply here to help each other along the way when we're ready.

This knowledge can also go the other way, as some people are still stuck in the older thought paradigm and will fight you to the death to disprove all of it. To those people we say, "embrace your own truths within yourselves..there's no need to suppress the opinions of others just because it doesn't compliment your beliefs." Understand that these people are truly not ready for this type of knowledge and it's genuinely ok to walk the other way.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe" is not just another saying. Let all of the guilt dissipate from your essence. Enjoy every minute of this amazing journey with those who make their way into your life because essentially you're vibing at the higher levels now. All is good :)

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us! If you would like a list of the scientific pioneers that helped paved the way towards this freeing knowledge, just let us know. We would gladly pass that on to you!


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