September 05, 2019

This may be one of those blogs that drive people to either hating us or loving us but we have to put it out there...HOPE is a Dead End!!!

The concept of hope, yes, it can be uplifting at times when in need, undoubtedly!

BUT, what if we were to tell you that the PART of hope that is uplifting and needed for the human spirit to carry on, is a clear vision of obtaining goals to achieve success..?!?

Therefore, the aspect of hope that IS helpful are Goals! Once you have a Vision of obtaining the goals you need to succeed, within any situation, anything is possible!

We say the mere concept of Hope is a dead end because it continues to leave people with the feeling of powerlessness. "Let's continue to "hope" for something better to come along.." and  "Just hope things will get better..."

No!! It's time to realize that YOU are in total control of your reality! 

Once you start to understand the Universal Laws of Quantum Physics, it becomes clear as day that "Hope" is an old concept. It's for those who don't want to face the fact that they have the power to change their own situations, toward the direction they want it. Total control..

And let's be clear..when we say "total control" we mean that Humans have the capability to work their way toward their ultimate desires from their current situation by creating achievable goals along the way, no matter what obstacle come their way. This IS creating the realities they desire. 

Yes, there may be very difficult & challenging obstacles along the way that we had no control over..without question. BUT, it's HOW we handle these obstacles that we can learn and grow from! We can be blind-sighted by some random event that completely changes our lives forever. Yes, this is true. "We didn't have any control over that circumstance and it "ruined" our lives."

However, there are more forces at play than we can currently see or comprehend and most of those life-altering events actually end up helping us become the type of person we need to be or have always wanted to be, or even got rid of certain things in our lives that were no longer serving our highest good.

Things happen for a reason and it's important to "Go with the flow!" Be flexible within life while staying focused toward your ultimate goals..!

Instead of hoping for the best, Create it! Create the Best Possible Outcome through KNOWING it. Know, with a positive attitude...

KNOW that you ALREADY have the life that you want.

KNOW that everything IS fine. 

KNOW that you ARE healthy.

This is how to use the Universal Laws of Quantum Physics within your own life. 

Sound crazy? Yes, probably. But that's when you know you're reading about Quantum Physics! Nothing within that topic will make sense to the logical mind. It's of another realm and CAN'T make sense to us; we're human brings mainly stuck within this everyday life of the 3rd Dimensional Reality of logic and analysis.

There's a thing within Quantum Physics called Observer-Created Reality. It's exactly what I've been talking about here..create your reality through KNOWING, as if it already exists. 

Want to hear something even crazier...?

'KNOWING something to create it physically' actually works because that reality you want already DOES exist. Quantumly speaking the reality you want, with you, your family, all of your loved ones in this reality, already exists with different circumstances..it's just on a different vibrational frequency of existence.

This is why it's incredibly(!) difficult to imagine having it already, because your LOGICAL brain CAN'T imagine a reality based on feeling energy. It isn't logical and your ultimate reality is not of physical, dense matter in this same vibration you're currently in, so our brains Can't picture it. Are you with me?

As soon as you KNOW you are already (and quantumly) within the reality you want, and really FEEL it, you begin to raise the vibrational frequency of your own body toward that which you want...

In other words, you're raising your vibes to match that other reality you desire!!

Then watch...Opportunities will start flooding into your life that will guide you towards that other reailty you desire. It's helping you manifest your desires into this type of physical form because you're beginning to match vibrations!

It can be no other way (as Mr. Einstein has said)!

Yes, there will still be work to do to obtain your goals, but those opportunities came into your life because they vibrate at those higher levels that you're sending out there that you want...make sense??

Don't be discouraged if you still have more work to do to obtain your goals..KNOW that these opportunities are vibrating at those higher frequencies to more quickly get you to where you want to be physically.

WARNING: This practice is NOT for the lethargic or weak-minded! And beware of discouragement if it doesn't work when you tried focusing your attention for half a second..it will take some time to get into the groove of what and how to do it. PATIENCE is a PREREQUISITE..if you don't have any, you may want to practice getting some first before attempting to manifest your ultimate desires..

This type of manifesting technique and knowledge is for the dedicated, open-minded, flexible individuals who know what they want, are dedicated, passionate, persevering and will work hard to achieve it. Even if the hard work is on a mental level, you will work hard to transform old habits into focused intentions! 

YOU already have the power..it's time you FEEL it and start practicing these mental transformations. Recognize the self-made synchronicities that vibrated into your life, follow the ones that you feel are most beneficial toward your goals and follow through!

You will be Amazed!!! It can get quite addicting once you get the handle on how to play around with these Universal Laws but it's all for the greater good of spiritual growth and evolution..have fun!! :D


Let us know what you think..leave some love, share some experiences, we'd love it all..this stuff is so much fun and we've been doing it for years so if you have any questions, don't be shy to reach out! ..much Love!!



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