Synchronicities- Awareness of True & False

January 14, 2019


Synchronicities are an interesting thing...

Phonetically speaking, it's said like this: {sing-kron-i-city}; the "i" by itself is a short sound, like the word, "it."

Our definition of a Synchronicity is when you think of something and then it manifests into your life a short time later by "random" happenstance. For example, on the way to work, perhaps you were wondering what the name of your Spirit Guide is and a huge truck pulls up next to you at a red light and in huge letters, the name "Gabrielle" is all along the side of it. That's a pretty clear answer but it's knowing how and when to recognize them.

There are true and false synchronicities that we think is crucial to explain. If left untold, what we call the "SC Complex" will only spread (a blog for another time) and disbelief in feeling-based facts will further diminish.


True Synchronicity:

Is like the example above. It's when you THINK of something and it makes its way into your life, confirming there is something (or someone) establishing a connection with you, guiding you towards the answers you seek. Usually, you will be thinking of a topic of interest, a question you have, a loved one you're thinking about, etc. It's shortly after this thought that a related manifestation will appear in your life. It's up to you to recognize it, follow it and give thanks for it all or ignore it and dismiss it as "weird."  

False Synchronicity:

Is when you SAY something you're interested in and it pops up on your phone (I wouldn't exclude TV and radio at this point either, just to be safe). There are technologies now that listen for key words within your daily conversation to bring up marketing ads on cell phones. It's not a conspiracy, look it up..we promise we're not crazy on this one. Very high profit companies are able to afford this type of technology to further increase their sales with very good deals that pop up on cell phones to answer those "needs" for a new pair of jeans.

Be sure to tell the difference between the two because there is significant importance in the motive behind the entire synchronicity; when your topic of interest that you spoke pops up on any sort of technology-based device, declare that a False Synchronicity. When your topic of interest was a thought and it pops up within daily life through other means, consider that a True Synchronicity. 

The motive behind False Synchronicities is profit-based implemented by corporations. The motive behind True Synchronicities is to help your spiritual evolution by a higher vibrational Divine Source. BIG difference! This is why we believe it's so important to inform you of the difference..awareness is key!

Once you get the hang of it, playing with True Synchronicites on a daily basis can be very entertaining! If when you think of a topic of interest and it pops up in a conversation with a stranger, inquire further...there might be something this new acquaintance knows that could help you along your spiritual journey.

Every time a True Synchronicity pops up, follow it..see how far it'll take you, Alice ;)


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