Our Story

A simple interest in holistic healing from pre-adolescent years lead to a life of passionate & dedicated research. Seeking the most effective methods of holistic healing, meditation techniques and mindful awareness for overall spiritual growth, Taisia was an unstoppable force. 

Research topics included techniques of alchemical transformation of the mind, practical application of the Laws of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Consciousness healing, Breathing techniques from Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza (and so many more pioneers), Bioelectromagnetism and interconnectedness, Holographic theory of Light, Entanglement, and anything else that synchronistically steered toward the path of self-rediscovery. 

Knowing, from an immovable faith, that everything is perfect in its timing and manifestation, ODHIANA was established in 2016. The CEO, Taisia Cardo, began by offering herbal tisane blends to help bring balance to the energy centers of the body, otherwise known as Chakras. Today, several different product lines have been established to further help bring the body, mind and spirit into a harmonic balance. 

ODHIANA fully understands the power of synchronicity and deeply respects the wisdom that presents itself at specific moments in life. You won't find ODHIANA using the typical advertising techniques that most companies use today. With that in mind, when you see a product or service newly offered by the ODHIANA Team, it indicates there is a deep & genuine meaning behind it all. Perhaps specifically for you, start to recognize when the Universe is handing you the answers you've been seeking (and perhaps not in the ways you've thought..).

We are here for you, always. Reach out, touch base, connect with us! You are always welcome. You are Loved more than you know. We look forward to connecting with you.



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