Our Story

Welcome everyone!

A little about myself and the beginning of an empire...

There has always been a notion, hiding somewhere deep within my mind, that some day I would establish a business. This business would be a compilation of everything I worked very hard to achieve, all that I hold true to my heart and would be operationally be designed to be guided by my deep intuitions.

After about a dozen different side job businesses that I've started within a 15 year period (all of which didn't quite pin-point what I truly felt should manifest), I finally started the company of my dreams, ODHIANA.

Officially established in 2016, I combined everything that I learned from a 20 year period of intense self-reflection, research, diplomas & certifications, and higher consciousness meditation sessions.

I combine several leading passions of mine into products that help heal the soul along its crazy journey through this thing we call life. is combining quantum energetics with herbal alchemy and the result is my Herbal Tea Blends. 

Holistic healing has been my No.1 driving motivation this whole time. Discovering how to heal the body through the mind; what the connection is between Human, Nature and Source; & how the field of Quantum energetics truly works so that it can be used and applied on a daily basis. Through dedicated persistence we are slowly discovering our answers, especially as the development of Quantum Mechanics continues to unfold. The veil of dualism between science & spirituality is fading quickly. 

I always perform highly focused & intuitive Reiki healing energy into every herbal tea blend we create; we call this Herbal Alchemy. We believe this healing energy has the potential to help ease the process of spiritual growth through all the different stages of our evolution, which is why it's infused into everything we have to offer.

We sincerely hope (know!...visit our blog, "Hope vs Know") you'll enjoy our herbal tea creations! We are on this crazy journey of spiritual evolution together so please, feel free to reach out and touch base anytime, as we are more than happy to connect with you!

Kind regards,

Taisia & the ODHIANA Team 



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