Somehow in the midst of growing up in a poor to middle class household with four children, a very dedicated stay-at-home mom, a father who persistently sought to provide for his family and a crazy dog, siblings, Taisia & Nilo, were taught there was more to life than what meets the eye.
At very young ages of 12 & 6, respectively, they were exposed to a wide range of topics outside of school with an emphasis on the natural sciences. This especially included electricity, gravity, magnetism, astronomy and more. Equally, within the realm of spirituality, they were taught about mindfulness, finding & staying within their calm centers, importance of experiences within meditations, reflecting the peace found from within outwards and so much more.
They began to piece together the connection between what is commonly seen as two opposing worlds. Through life-long, dedicated research, Taisia & Nilo have meticulously discovered how to combine the world of natural science with the realm of spirituality. This manifested into what is known today as ODHIANA. 
ODHIANA is a company dedicated to strictly providing organic & consciously-made products as well as offering services with the highest vibrational intentions possible. Everything created and offered under the ODHIANA name is Reiki-infused so that any energetic vibrations within the human essence that are lower, will be brought up to levels of calm, centeredness.  
We here at ODHIANA truly believe in the fact that people are Divine, energetic Beings of Light. Our goal (one of many) is to bring awareness towards this type of knowledge more often than not and reassure everyone that they're not going crazy. Common society was not created with our best intentions in mind, actually quite the opposite. We have dedicated our lives to helping change that through meticulous research, constant inner growth to relinquish self-limiting beliefs so that we may grow and bring everyone up with us!
This may sound crazy, but we absolutely love you! Yes, you reading this..we recognize your inner light and wish for you to see the same thing we do. If it may take years for you to see it, it's all good..you know why? Because time doesn't even exist as we know it and ODHIANA is here for you throughout this entire journey!
Let's move toward mindful awareness together, increase our conscious effort toward inner growth and share it with the world! You never know who will benefit from something you have said, in the way that you've said it, so it's time to find your power! You can sign up for free at any time..there should never be a rush for inner growth, as everyone movies at the speed with which they are ready, and it's all perfect timing. ODHIANA understands this and wishes you inner peace & love


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