ODHIANA has been in the making since 1996 (the moment I was taught how to meditate) and was officially established in 2016. Twenty years of meditations, self-discovery, mediumship, energy work, expanding the Mind, conducting research, developing extrasensory perception, daily evaluations of the Self (for twenty years!), consistently focusing on emotional reactions & their true origins, achieving degrees & certifications of related fields, and connecting with many beautiful souls along the way!

Holistic healing has been our no.1 driving motivation throughout all of this. Discovering how to heal the body through the mind; how there is a connection between Human, Nature and Source; & how the field of Quantum energetics truly work for daily application. Finding all our answers through Quantum Physics, which is bridging the worlds of spirituality and science together, has satisfied only part of the answers that we have always felt within. 

I perform highly focused Reiki healing energy into every single herbal tea blend we create because we believe energy heals on multiple levels of existence and should be a part of what we offer to others for healing. 

We know you'll feel the benefits from all our offerings, as they were meant for YOU. 

Please enjoy everything we have to offer and keep a look out for our future events because we'd love to get to know you better!

Kind regards,

Taisia & the ODHIANA Team 




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