How It All Started

The founders and siblings, Taisia and Nilo, have a unique story that manifested into what
is known today as ODHIANA. It began at such a young age, being introduced to the art of
meditation, which greatly benefited the two in ways unknown at the time.

Through years of meditation, Reiki practice, researching more inwardly and outwardly,
the two grew spiritually in-tune. Year after year discovering more about who they are and what they're connected to, it became very
apparent that there was something important in the works.They followed through with an overwhelming urge to guide and educate
people spiritual through the art of meditation and overall synchronistic, tranquil lifestyle. They created ODHIANA and all that it embodies.

These two spiritualists designed ODHIANA in a way so that it is suitable for everyone at any stage of spiritual growth to further
align themselves with their true self and manifest a life full of tranquility and balance. They aspire to help you transform, empower
and rediscover the Divinity within and the connection to all life.

ODHIANA fully support all efforts towards positive self-transformation; increasing knowledge, wisdom and experience within the
fields of spirituality; and most importantly, supporting our members through their journey! 



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