Chakra Insights

ODHIANA is a new-age company that has created products to help cleanse the body, mind and soul’s energetic fields of anything that is no longer of higher service. We aim to bring awareness of spiritual aspects that should be regarded as crucial, and help to bring balance back into the energetic system of the human body, in whatever way needed. This is most attainable with Reiki Healing Energy that we infuse into each blend through specific methods that combine vibrations of love, intent and imagery for best results possible for exactly what anyone is ready to receive.

ODHIANA has over 20+ years of combined knowledge, research and experience within the spiritual, scientific and metaphysical fields that are incorporated into our products and services. We chose this as our method of operation so that others may have the opportunity to benefit from everything we have to offer for further spiritual growth. This will undoubtedly increase the resonance of our energetic bodies, Gaia and pulsate throughout the Divine cosmos for more peaceful growth and united ascension.

Read more about each of the 7 chakras and their herbal blend.

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