Crown Chakra Tea Blend

crown chakra symbol

Our Crown Chakra Blends help to enhance the wisdom within that we are all Divine Beings of Love and Light. Gotu Kola cleanses and balances the mind. Ginger root maintains a strong flow of vital energy throughout the body and soul for constant replenishment of energy. Skullcap helps to keep the cords strong between body and spirit when astral traveling. Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng help keep the mind sharp, focused and aware throughout mind-expanding meditation experiences. When the energies of the Crown Chakra are unbalanced, feelings of disunity take hold. It may feel like your entire existence doesn’t matter and the thoughts of “what’s the point?” reoccur in your mind. Even mere talk of spirituality become exhausting and annoying. This type of spiritual detachment and disharmony is a clear sign that a re-connection to the Divine through the Crown Chakra is needed.

When energy of the 7th chakra is balanced and it is flowing effortlessly, an entirely new outlook on life can emerge. You are able to see things in an enhanced light. This can be of great use especially during spiritual explorations. Energetic cords connect your astral body to your Crown Chakra so you will always be able to “find your way home” during these types of meditations. You will have profound realizations that you are a limitless being of Love and Light. You are eternal. You feel, at a completely fundamental level, that nothing can harm you. Nothing can stop you. You are perfect. You are a beautifully elegant rendering of what the Divine Source is. You understand what life is truly like from a Divine point of view. YOU are what you are and what you are is Divine. Embrace it all!

This tea blend is meant to enhance that inner knowing that we are all of Divine creation. The herbs we chose are regarded as powerful spiritual herbs and have higher energetic frequencies than others. They provide protection while help clearing the mind for exciting meditation adventures and spiritual growth. 

Crown Attributes:

Knowing, Spirituality, Divinity

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Skullcap- Enhances spiritual intentions, mental clarity and meditations. Excellent for strengthening the energetic cords between body and soul when astral traveling.
  • Ginkgo Biloba- Enlightenment, brings awareness, helps concentration, focus and mental alertness
  • Ginger- Stimulates the flow of vital energy throughout the body
  • Goto Kola- cleanses and balances the mind, increases energy levels
  • Ginseng- stimulates and awakens the entire body; helps to deal with stress, increases awareness, mental alertness and memory





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