What Does ODHIANA's Tea Do?

All of our chakra herbal blends help stimulate, purify and balance that specific chakra through the energetic combination of the herbs. We have spent quite some time testing and perfecting each blend for optimal results.

When Should I Drink The Chakra Tea?

This is honestly up to you, but have found that drinking the chakra tea before a meditation or yoga practice greatly benefits that session with noticeable energetic effects. It is also great in the morning to set the tone for the day or at night to bring yourself back to balance.

Where Do You Get Your Herbs?

All of our certified organic and pesticide-free herbs are from California. We store all of our herbs in specific ways and standards to preserve the freshness.

Dose Your Chakra Tea Actually Turn Color?

Yes! All seven of our unique chakra blends turn the color of their specific chakra for a more immersive experience. All of our coloring is vegan, plant-based and wont stain your mouth!

Whats The Release Date of The Meditation and Chakra Meditation Programs?

Unfortunately we dont have a set date but know we are working diligently to bring you only the best.

Do You Use Bleach-Free Tea Bags?

Absolutely! Purity is one of our many high standards that we uphold and understand the importance of it, which is why we went the extra step to bring you exactly that. They're also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We also strongly suggest the use of alkaline water with a ph level of 8.5 or higher.

Are Your Pouches Recyclable?

Of Course! One of our many high standards that allows us to bring you 100% eco-friendly and pure products.

Can Your Teas Be Made Iced?

All of our chakra teas can be enjoyed hot or iced. To prepare your iced chakra tea in seconds, simply put the chakra tea of your choice in a container with a lid, add your water and a few ice-cubes. Shake well, watch the magic happen and enjoy.



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