Heart Chakra Tea Blend

heart chakra symbol

Our Heart Chakra Blend releases any heartache or grief with an understanding that life plays out exactly in ways for us to grow and learn. Hawthorn protects the heart from further pain while bringing a strong sense of inner peace and self-love. Rosemary helps to clear away any residual negative feelings while Spearmint keeps us calm and pain-free through this healing process. Holy Basil is an excellent herb that gently cleanses and balances our energy to flow more gently.

When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, compassion for others is almost non-existent. You feel distant from those that are normally within your circle and can’t understand why feelings of solitude have become more dominant. Self-love has diminished to the point of letting the thoughts of others affect you which is extremely detrimental to the psyche. It’s incredibly important for the Heart Chakra to be cleansed at least once in a while because we’re all human and we tend to let things affect us more often than not.

A balanced Heart Chakra is easily detected because it feels like your heart wants to explode from excitement. Extreme joy is felt and love towards everyone and everything you encounter seems to be an effortless pleasure. Emotional and spiritual healing occur much quicker. You begin to acquire an understanding of why people do what they do. Patience is formed and instead of being harmed by others, you end up helping them heal when they need it the most.

ODHIANA’s Heart Chakra Tea Blend is one that effortlessly invites the idea of letting go anything that’s holding you back from loving. Our unique tea blend helps enhance feelings of Self-love. The more you stay within the higher vibrations of love, anyone or anything that interferes with that amazing connection to the Self will naturally diminish from your life. Those who are on the same resonance of Love as you will naturally make their way into your life for continuous spiritual growth of all. If perhaps there are some unresolved issues to others or yourself, a cleansed Heart Chakra can help to address those issues from a place of peace.

Once in a while, an inner wisdom peers through that reminds us to love ourselves. It is not selfish to do so. It is important to realize that Self-love, with respectful boundaries, is a great way to open ourselves up to the higher vibrational realms of consciousness because it all starts with love. 

Heart Attributes:

Love, Compassion, Healing

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Holy Basil- excellent herb to cleanse and balance the chakras including the bio-energy of the heart chakra because of its own electromagnetic fields the pumping heart generates energy that may sometimes become stagnant or weakened
  • RoseMary-Clears away negativity (helps with clearing the mind for more positive thoughts)
  • Hawthorn- Protective of the heart; gently but strongly, soothes any heartache and grief
  • Spearmint- Healing, Calming, Pain-releasing Aid, helps clear Karma





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