Root Chakra Tea Blend

Root Chakra Symbol

Our Root Chakra Blend promotes grounding to help release negative energy hindering our sense of worthiness as well as protection with Hibiscus and Wood Betony. Dandelion, together with Rhodiola, helps detoxify and regulate the body’s natural systems. Cinnamon warms the body as it ignites the fire of kundalini to help fuel the process of healing and psychic development.

When the Root Chakra is unbalanced, feelings of being a “victim” arise and any pleasure, joy, abundance or happiness that is naturally felt leads to guilt. Guilt of enjoying life’s pleasures then overpowers our inner wisdom and we deny ourselves how much life has to offer. We tend to start believing joy is a facade toward darker and much more painful paths. Constant feelings of fear of the worst possible scenario dictate your life, which leads to switching into survival mode and staying closed off from inner truths to avoid any possible lurking pain ahead. This cannot be further from what our souls are meant to experience here on Earth.

When the Root Chakra is balanced, there is an understanding of who you are as a soul, down to the core. Feelings of being safe and protected, day to day, by higher vibrational Guides should be incredibly comforting because they are here for our best life. Instead of sinking into negative thoughts of “what-if” situations, gratitude should be shown to the Universe for always protecting and guiding you.

When the kundalini within our energy field is flowing gently through the Root chakra, feelings of being grounded and sturdy in your position in life takes hold. Level-headed decisions made with guilt-free confidence occur more often. Understanding how to achieve a balanced Root chakra is the challenge but not an impossible one. Mindfulness of your deepest feelings throughout the day is a great start. For example, why don’t you feel you deserve that promotion? Believing you don’t deserve something links to guilt about actually having it indicating a sense if unworthiness. Awareness of this negativity releases it. Negativity doesn’t like to be acknowledged. The more you bring your light-filled awareness to the darker corners of your mind, the more you should become alleviated from this deep-rooted pain.

You are worthy of all you desire. Once you begin to understand what your inner wisdom has to say, you will easily be able to let go of anything which tells you otherwise. It will not happen overnight but mindfulness of these feelings will definitely help to start clearing the path for ultimate understanding.

Like all of ODHIANA’s hand-blended teas, the Root Chakra blend is Reiki-infused with focused intentions which help enhance feelings of becoming grounded and clear- minded with an understanding that you are worthy of anything you desire. This cinnamon-flavored chakra tea will help enhance feelings of safety enabling you to go throughout your days doing what you love and desire without fear. Embrace your passions; show gratitude towards the Divine Source for all the protection provided up until now, in this moment and for all that will be. 

Root Attributes:

Grounding, Safety, Worthiness

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Wood Betony - Grounding, Aid for Meditation, Protection
  • Rhodiola- Adaptogen (helps to normalize & regulate the body’s systems)
  • Dandelion- Detoxifies the body, Grounding, Releases anger
  • Hibiscus- Helps release old negativity, Grounding
  • Cinnamon- Associated with fire, psychic development, purification, healing





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