Sacral Chakra Tea Blend

sacral chakra symbol

Our Sacral Chakra Blend was created to help clear emotions and residual pain with Raspberry Leaf while maintaining peaceful relaxation with Hops. Creative inspiration to express our feelings flows effortlessly with Peppermint. Chamomile is an excellent herb that helps open up our awareness of these emotional stagnations. Marshmallow enhances inner intuition to guide us toward our most beneficial Divine path in life to learn from and rid ourselves of these blockages once and for all.

When the Sacral Chakra energy is unbalanced, it may begin to feel like your entire world is an emotional roller coaster. The epitome of depression seems to take hold and you have no idea why. Emotions seem to be running away from you without capability to steer the way. Self-control seems to be unattainable and anyone that approaches you about it triggers self-defence mode. The creative mindset seems lost forever and previous inspirations fall short.

The energy of the Sacral Chakra flows more effortlessly when we come to terms with what emotions need to be cleansed. We're able to recognize when an emotion is out of balance and address it immediately. Understand that the trigger is within ourselves. This helps to minimize quick reactions that are often regrettable. It takes courage to understand we are at fault for our unchecked emotions. When acknowledged and addressed, it feels like a calmness completely washes over us. We feel at peace and willing to tackle any emotional obstacles.

ODHIANA's Sacral blend opens up our willingness to acknowledge blocked emotional avenues within ourselves. The mere act of acknowledging that the issue may be within ourselves instead of from others, begins the cleansing process. The answers we seek flow more abundantly within our awareness that further guides us toward Divine wisdom. The Reiki infused within the herbs helps to enlighten those paths of healing, specific to your needs. Remember, there is always a path toward emotional healing and anyone who is ready will obtain it. 

Sacral Attributes:

Emotions, Creativity, Feelings

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Raspberry- Sympathetic, Empathetic, Able to release pain
  • Hops- Meditation aid, Relaxing
  • Marshmallow- Enhances Inner Intuition
  • chamomile- Opens up receptivity and guidance toward divine path
  • Peppermint- Motivation, Creative Inspiration, Increases self-esteem and confidence. Enhances intuition





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