Solar Plexus Tea Blend

Solar Plexus Herbal Blend

Our Solar Plexus Blend is intended to first clear away any negative conditioning that we’re sadly so accustomed to, with the help of Lemon Balm and Turmeric. We incorporated Linden to help bring in feelings of peace. Acknowledge the importance of owning your power from a peaceful place within, not from a place of suppressed anger. Valerian and Eleuthero help increase awareness that you are, in fact, a Limitless Being of Love & Light.

When the energy of the Solar Plexus is unbalanced, feelings of powerlessness are usually the result. A large part of society today conditions us to believe we don’t have power over anything in our life and confidence is seen as being arrogant. If you possess any negative qualities such as arrogance, you won’t be accepted. We constantly sacrifice our happiness to please others and keep ourselves so busy that self-reflection to grow seems like an impossible task. Giving your power to others is a daily habit; we wonder why we’re so tired and miserable all the time. This is one of the most important chakras which should be improved upon when cleansing and balancing energies within the body. Owning your own power and understanding what free will actually entails is quite a journey.

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra includes feelings of pure confidence and self-power. Knowing you have what it takes to tackle any challenge that’s presented to you at any moment and the will to see those challenges through to the very end comes with ease. With this self-power comes an understanding of how much others, either subconsciously or maliciously, attempt to take power away from you. It can happen on such subtle levels. Learning how to block those attempts is key. A balanced Solar Plexus will boost confidence in yourself. You are perfect exactly where you are. It may not be the ideal circumstances you desire in the moment but you know there are some residual lessons to be learned and have the confidence in yourself to work your way out towards what you desire most.

ODHIANA’s Solar Plexus Tea Blend gently reminds you of the powerful self-confidence within. The ODHI Team would like you to take a brief moment now to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and declare to yourself you are a powerful Being! No matter if you believe it at this moment or not, simply declaring it to yourself within your own mind, will help this process along toward realizing your limitless power within. Our tea blend will help you remember this and your confidence toward your ultimate goals in life will become more like a plan instead of a dream. We are here for you along the way of realizing your amazing power and boosting that self-confidence. What others think will no longer affect you and you will come to realize that they probably just need a boost in self-confidence themselves. No need to be haters, but helping each other along the way through understanding and realization goes much farther than you can imagine. 

Solar Plexus Attributes:

Power, Confidence, Will

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Valerian- enhances self-love with mental, positive reinforcement, purifies negative conditioning of the past
  • Eleuthero- revitalizes energy for strength, a self-confidence booster
  • Linden- gently relaxes, decreases self-negativity
  • Lemon Balm- Encourages self-nurturing to help find one’s own power to bravely overcome and learn from life’s lessons
  • Turmericbrings forward awareness of subtle energy bodies that’s hindering our spiritual growth and cleanses any lingering negativity





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