Third Eye Chakra Tea Blend

third eye chakra symbol

Our Third Eye Chakra Blend aims to enhance intuitive vision and obtain perception from beyond the veil; a type of Divine vision. Gotu Kola and Skullcap aid in clearing the mind by raising energy levels for further awareness and expansion through meditation. With the help of Lavender, any fear along the path of spiritual growth will diminish and feelings of peaceful relaxation will follow. Nettle energetically protects and enlightens the deeper Divine meaning of situations so that learning and growth can occur.

When the energy of the Third Eye Chakra is blocked or stagnated, your perception of reality seems to be absolutely perfect. All that you see, is all that there is and nothing more. We’re being subdued into a zombie-like state of mind so that when we’re oppressed, stolen from and abused by society, we don’t do anything about it. Close- minded rules your mentality (it may have to do with fast food, dairy, meat and fluoride..? Hmm..please remember that “everything in moderation” is probably a good motto to live by). The Third Eye energy is easily disrupted. It is prevented from functioning normally because of microwaved foods and fluoride-filled water we’re consuming. It seems rather “out there” to think that our food, water and air is being poisoned to keep our Third Eye energy blocked but once you do the research, it’s irrefutable; and scary. Transcendence into higher realms of a light-filled vibrational existence is exactly what’s being hidden from our Divine sight because we ALL are able to achieve those higher levels of awareness.

When the Third Eye Chakra energy is balanced, you feel as if you can see past the lies people tell you. You see their mouth is moving saying one thing but you intuitively hear something else. You're hearing their inner truths which cannot be masked, no matter what they say. Your new enlightened vision may make everything seem different, or “a little off.” It may be very difficult to explain in what ways but you know something is altered. Your perception is altered; heightened.

Our Third Eye Chakra tea blend helps you to see how the inner workings of higher vibrational realms interact with our own. This is truly an exciting journey where much can be learned. We encourage you to embrace all of it! However, we believe it's crucial to obtain sufficient knowledge of the spiritual realms before diving head first. Some experiences may occur during spiritual work that if you don't have at least a little previous knowledge, it may be misperceived as something malicious when it's not. We're here to give you that knowledge along the way.

We combined unique energetically active herbs to enhance spiritual awareness. Herbs of protection and energies of higher intentional resonances are always infused into our blends. We help you to see the true intentions of those around us for further spiritual protection and guidance. 

Third Eye Attributes:

Vision, Perception, Transcendence

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Skullcap- Enhances spiritual intentions, mental clarity and meditations. Excellent for strengthening the energetic cords between body and soul when astral travelling.
  • Nettle- helps provide energetic protection and guides you toward understanding lessons behind situation for further growth
  • Goto Kola- cleanses and balances the mind, increases energy levels
  • Lavender- Meditation Aid, Relaxing, Enhances Intuitive Insights, Brings deep spiritual understanding and eliminates fear to embrace spirituality





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