Throat Chakra Tea Blend

throat chakra symbol

Our Throat Chakra Blend helps to enhance self-expression with the courage to speak our inner truths with help from Lemon Balm and Thyme. Juniper Berries help protect and cleanse our energy fields to more easily hear our passionate beliefs within, from a clear and calm mindset. This opens the pathway for Ginkgo Biloba to bring enlightenment and an open mind to always seek and speak Divine truths.

When the energy of the Throat Chakra is stagnated, a type of frustration builds up within. What you truly want to be expressing to others is unable to be communicated in the way that you need. This tends to further block the flow of energy. The importance of being heard, acknowledged and the ability to express our truths goes largely unrealized. Not only this, but there seems to be a wavering of faith with this type of blockage as well. What you have previously believed in may grow some doubts. It can feel like you have to rediscover what resonates deeply with you all over again which may create further stress.

When the Throat Chakra is cleared from any blockages, its energy may flow more easily and communication with others seems effortless. Your verbiage is on point, you have facts that support your arguments with a clear mindset. You're able to finally hear intuitive truths from within. A remembrance of your faith will gently come back as you become fearless to share them with the world.

ODHIANA wants you to embrace the ability to express your truths when needed so we created the perfect tea blend for such a task. Our Throat Chakra Tea helps to unblock the flow of energy for clear communication and ease of expression. Expressing inner truths is essential within these times of increasing Universal awareness. It's ideal to understand when others are ready to comprehend what you have to say and not force your views upon them. Respecting those limits will be helpful for peaceful spiritual growth. Our herbal tea blend helps to reveal the strength and courage from within to speak your truths. 

Throat Attributes:

Expression, Communication, Faith

Herbal Blend Ingredients:

  • Lemon Balm- Encourages self-nurturing to help find one’s own power to bravely overcome and learn from life’s lessons
  • Ginkgo Biloba- Enlightenment, brings awareness, helps hear inner truths
  • Thyme- Helps with communicating your inner truths with passion
  • Juniper Berries- Improves mental clarity, protection, purifies energy fields, helps increase creative self-expression, enlightenment, raises vibrations





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