Root Chakra Tea


Sanskrit Name is "MULADHARA"

- I Am Grounded -

The organic herbs used for the Root Chakra blend were carefully selected based on extensive research and testing for the best taste and stimuli. But dont take out word for it, experience it for yourself! 

Herbal Blend: Cinnamon, Wood Betony, Rhodiola, Dandelion, Hibiscus 

Characteristics of the Root Chakra: 

Balanced: Feelings of security, grounded

Unbalanced: Alienated, lost and with lowered energy

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is our foundation and is represented by the color red. Cleansing and balancing of this chakra lead to a sense of security, safety, courage, and grounding. Having an unbalanced root chakra may lead to feelings of greed, paranoia, and fear. The body parts associated are the adrenal glands, spine, legs, feet, and prostate.

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Taste: Smell and taste is a cinnamon scent and flavor, respectively. 

Order the Root Chakra today for a more grounded & revitalized state of mind.

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