Throat Chakra Tea


Sanskrit Name is "VISHUDDHA"

  - Speak your mind and body -

Throat chakra resembles truth and communication. Our range of Chakra Blend introduces the Throat blend for anyone and everyone willing to increase communication power and self expression. Balance the fifth chakra of your body with the refreshing lemony taste and aqua blue colour of the throat 


Herbal Blend: Lemon Balm, Gingko Biloba, Juniper Berry, Thyme  

Characteristics of the Throat Chakra:

Balanced: Expressing the truth without fear

Unbalanced: Trouble with self-expression, fear of no power or control

  • Located in the throat.
  • This chakra governs communication and expression.
  • Represented by the color blue; the throat chakra when balanced promots a sense of purpose, organization and trust.
  • Signs of having an unbalanced throat chakra are shyness, increase in lying and fear of speaking.
  • The body parts associated are the vocal cords, shoulders, tongue and thyroid.

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Taste: Smell and taste of this blend has a lemony scent and flavor.

Order the Throat Chakra today and begin to express your truth without fear.

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